Disney Princess in Training

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a little story about my sister Maria.

On Sunday, we had to clean out the basement and the stuff my mom used to clean the floor stank, so my mom put all the cats upstairs and then opened the back door to air out the basement. Later on she asked Maria, while I was working in the yard, to go and close the back door. As she was about to close the door, Maria looked down and saw something sitting in the basement, that shouldn’t have been there. She got a glove from her room and came back and picked up the little thing and took it outside. I was looking down when she called my name, telling me to get dad, Maggie and mom. Why? Because she just found a wild baby cottontail bunny rabbit, that’s why. We took plenty of photos (I’ll try to get some posted on here), and even a short video of the little thing. It was confirmed to be a little boy (and I secretly nicknamed him Peter 🙂 ), and we decided to release him behind our house, under the porch where we thought he lived. At first he was reluctant to leave Maria’s hands since he seemed to enjoy sitting there but eventually he hopped away. Maria has had fawns come within FEET of her and she’s even pet a baby wild bluebird once before. This is why I am convinced my sister is either a reincarnation of Pocahontas or Snow White OR is a Disney Princess all on her own. Maggie already looks like Princess Merida and I don’t really look like any Disney character, but I kinda resemble Blythe Baxter, from the “Littlest Pet Shop” series, though!

Until next time, bye!

(p.s I’ll try to get a post up with the new Angry Birds movie trailer!)


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