Well, on Sunday, my sister had done it. She convinced me to download Duolingo. I am so glad I listened. I began by learning German, when I got to level 2 I decided (after I had watched “The Secret of Kells”) I would at Gaelic (or Irish, as they put it). I am currently a Level 1 in Irish with 30 XP and a Level 3 in German with 150 XP.  I have had so much fun and I am currently doing the casual (10 XP per day) style of learning.

If you want to learn a new language in a new, fun and free way, you should try out this app!

That’s all for now, hopefully soon I can post a story I wrote a while ago!

-Anne Bell

(Image found at: http://www.gpb.org/blogs/education-matters/2015/08/27/edtech-tips-immerse-yourself-duolingo)


One thought on “Duolingo

  1. I have duo lingo! It’s super fun! But I haven’t done some learning in a long time. 🙂 I totally recommend this app for you all!


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