Super Sites

Hi Everyone! I was trying to make this a new page, but I am having some technical difficulties *hear explosion in background*…don’t worry, it’s fine, as I was saying; I want to share some of the websites that I love. Here are a few of them;

I hope you enjoy them!

-Anne Bell (21 more day’s till “The Angry Birds Movie!” For those with “Angry Birds Action” installed on their devices; At the credits there will be a sound and when your phone hears it, you’ll get a special clip or something! Just keep the brightness setting below Sahara desert sunrise okay? And also keep it on mute, you don’t want to disturb others, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, I’m pretty sure SOMEONE’s going to be putting it on Youtube. I’m hoping that it has something to do with a possible sequel, possibly including a lady Red bird we fans have named, Ruby.)


2 thoughts on “Super Sites

  1. I know how to make this a page! 🙂 Go to the left hand top corner and then click that thingiabober and then go down till you see, “pages” and then add a new page! 🙂 also if you want this page on your menu then you have to go and edit your menu and add that page there. I hope I’ve helped some!


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