A story from a Nightmare

Dear Readers,

With only 19 full days till “The Angry Birds Movie” I am surprised there hasn’t been another trailer or clip (although glad, I don’t want to know TOO much about it 😉 ). So to keep you guys entertained I am sharing a story I began when I was 13 years old but revised every so often. It is actually a bit scary, so I am warning you, but I love this and I’ve shared this with my classmates and they love it (although I’m in 9th grade now, I was in 7th grade when I first shared it), so without further delay, here it is;

The Werewolf of the Harper’s Woods
By Anne Bell

    Sarah walked hurriedly down the dirt road. Weeds crawled through the dirt and covered many parts of the ground. The moon shown bright overhead, casting long shadows of the bare trees along side the road. Sarah pulled her black cloak closer to her. This is what she gets for having stayed so long at the Johnson’s party. It was October 31st and she had no interest in staying out in the dark night, especially on this night. She had made a fatal decision to take the road through the Harper’s woods; it would take near an hour off her walk home.

Sarah knew of the legend surrounding these woods; everyone did. Some parents even forbade their children to go near these woods at night, especially this night. It is said that a family of harpers lived in these woods long ago, in a house deep within the trees and they would play beautiful music their harps day and night. One night, one of the children was bitten by a lone black wolf. The family had healed the hand and thought nothing more of it. Alas, as the legend goes on, it is told that the child under took a terrifying transformation. He had become… a wolf. No one ever heard of the family again. Some will say they moved away, leaving the wolf-child behind. Others say that the wolf killed them all, but no one truly knows for certain. All that is known is that someone or something stalks these woods at night in the light of the moon, and that if someone were to wander into these woods, they were never to come out alive.

Sarah’s bright red hair ruffled in the wind. She shivered, but not because of the cold. She was thinking of the legend when all of a sudden a gust of wind blew the cloak off her shoulders. Sarah gasped with surprise and began to run after it, at the same time retracing her steps. Eventually she stopped, it was no use getting it back, and she already had retraced her steps halfway. She sighed and turned around to go back when suddenly she stopped cold in her tracks. She heard something… a howl … a wolf howl.

Sarah looked up toward a nearby hillside, and turned pale with fear when she saw it. The full moon shone right behind it, a man… no, it was not any man. It had a long wolf-like tail, and shaggy brown fur. It raised its long muzzle and howled a sound that chilled Sarah to the bone. She recognizing the creature at sight she began to run, trying to escape unseen, but it was too late. It has seen her, and now began the chase.

Sarah’s long dark green dress ruffled around her feet as she ran, her red hair fell out of its bun. She could feel the hot sticky breath of the wolf; it was not far behind her. Its breath smelled of an animal, long since its death. All of a sudden, she could not smell it anymore; Sarah dared a glance behind her, and then began to slow. She turned to where the wolf had been, it was not there. Had it given up the chase? Sarah turned around to continue on her way only to freeze in her tracks.

Inches from her, stood the wolf on all four feet. Suddenly it stood on it’s hind legs, seven feet tall with long shaggy, mangy brown fur. Its eyes glistened blood red and its fangs were yellowed. It suddenly raised its head and howled. Then the beast began to lift one of its giant clawed hands. Sarah, frozen with fear, could not move. A scream escaped her lips as the wolf swung its claws, and Sarah Emma Smith became the next victim, of the werewolf of the Harper’s woods.

The End

  This story is actually based off a nightmare I had after eating Strawberry ice cream while watching “Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban” (it used to scare me but now I love it and watch it purely for the thing that scared me in the first place: the werewolf). Of course I was in Sarah’s shoes in my dream. I have written a sequel to this about Sarah’s sister but I accidentally lost the complete version of that so I have to rewrite it :P.

Anyway, as a promise to my friend, I will collect artwork I’ve done and share it ASAP. I’ve done a lot, including impressionist (but even then it’s not as good) but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Well, talk to you soon!

-Anne Bell


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