Angry Birds

The countdown continues with only 17 more days till “The Angry Birds Movie!” So I had decided to look at the IMDb page to see if anything new was added so I could share that with you (and also things I probably didn’t mention before), so here’s what I found:

You know crazy aunt Lorraine from “Goosebumps?” The funny and awesome movie that came out a while ago? Well Jillian Bell (I love her last name! 😉 ) who played Lorraine, will be voicing Bobby’s mom! Apparently a Mine Bird and Cyrus (the bird with the continuous colds) will be voiced by Billy Eichner, who also does Philip (that bird that seems to mistake apples for apple phones) and Chef Pig. Hal and Bubbles voices were also announced; Anthony Padilla will be voicing the little orange candy-obsessed Bubbles! You may also know Ian Hecox, he’s going to be voicing Hal. Those two have both worked together a lot, seeing as how those two make up the duo called “Smosh.” I also have some confusion… It says that Young Red has two voice actors. As I’ve previously mentioned Kallan Holley is listed, but as is Aidan McGraw (you may know him from the “American Sniper” movie as Young Colton), so I am wondering how that’s going to work (maybe one of them is a singing voice? Maybe one is doing a very young Red and the other is doing an older Red? I guess I’ll have to wait 17 more days to find out!).

With that being said, I guess I have no more news for now! I need to get some pictures downloaded from my camera and then I can show you guys that art I did (I’ve done a lot…)

-Anne Bell


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