Sorry for the Delay!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been a little distracted lately with helping “Camp Companion” with their rummage sale!

Anyhow, I am pleased to let you know that I will be writing FANFICTION. That’s right! I am doing it about a game called “Avernum” (here’s the link: and my big sister Maggie introduced me to it.

You see, one year (either for my birthday or Christmas) I got a game called “10,000 Best Games for Windows” and on the disk were literally hundreds of free games and game demos (one of the games was how you had to kill a bunch of “Barney” fans and if you killed enough you could watch Barney fall off of a high cliff! I could never win that game, sadly) and it has 3 games that caught our eyes; The Blades of Exiles. It was the first 3 demos for the first three games.

I kept dying and Maggie kept winning the first scenario (I don’t know how she did it) but couldn’t do the others since they required registration, which we didn’t have. In the years following I didn’t really play it as far as I remember. Well after we moved from Oregon to Minnesota and we had moved into our new home, I found the games on my computer and thought “What the heck? I think I’ll play this.” And my entire party got killed. I didn’t even get too far either! I was attacked by goblins or something. Anyhow, on and off I would play it but I never won, I never really understood the game and if I did get far I would forget about it and when I returned several months later it was like:


So as you can probably tell: I died. Every time. Well Maggie eventually (this was a year or so ago, I don’t exactly remember when) found out that Spiderweb software (creators of Blades of Exiles) had recreated the game, despite having still-cheesy graphics, it was now no longer 2d with boring graphics and sound effects that are so loud they give you a heart attack but instead was 3d, the noise wasn’t too loud, AND the graphics are better! Maggie had been playing it for a while and eventually I went to the Avernum site and downloaded the demo (by that point Maggie bought the full version of the game), you know just to try it out right?

Yeah well I got sucked into the spiraling whirlpool of obsession and greatly enjoyed going to a nearby run-down fort and killing the monsters inside. While it was hard at first and several of my characters kept dying, I used the demo version of the Party Editor to revive them. I just sold the loot I got to shopkeepers in a nearby town and repeatied this over and over (this is a great way to get better at learning the game’s controls AND making money!) Eventually I got the nerve and traveled further North, but I could only go so far since, after all, I was unregistered (if I can find a screenshot of the funny “you must register” pop-up, I’ll be sure to share it). Well after a while of just wandering and killing monsters and getting quests that I could never hope to complete, Maggie gave me the full version.

I was never the same since. I played that game nearly the entire day, adding onto my journal (hand written one that I use to help keep track of what happens so I can use it in the fanfiction). By now I haven’t played the game in a while since I have had quite a bit of schoolwork to keep me distracted and by the time I get it done my head and eyes would hurt from staring at a computer screen for 6 hours (I’m in online school). Maggie’s been helpful by giving me plenty of good hints (mostly advice like “Don’t go there, you’ll die.” and “Well that was a stupid move.” and such things, aren’t sisters GREAT?).

Since I’m going to finish the story before I publish it (chapter by chapter, once a week, like my friend Micheal is doing) it’s going to be a while, but don’t worry! I’m a fast writer (and my sister is totally awesome at revising things, she’s helped me a little bit with my blog posts) so it hopefully won’t take too long to write, I’ve got the entire story planned out (even possible sequels, I need to learn to pace myself).

In other news, later today, after my sisters and I clean the house, we are going to go see a film we’ve been anticipating to see for a very long time: “Captain America: Civil War.” I’ve got my Avengers T-shirt and my Iron man and Vision dog tags set aside for when we go and see it!

In MORE news, only 13 days till “The Angry Birds Movie!” Thursday, after school, we went to Target and Maria and I both got “Angry Birds” dog tags and small packs of cards, one card I got was of a small red bird (Maria’s convinced it’s Terence, I kinda think it’s Red) punching their way out of the egg and another card shows the Blues parents, the mother is sitting on top of an egg and the father’s leaning against it as if trying to hear what’s inside. So this implies that unlike normal birds, twins and triplets share the same egg? (Well that AND the fact that these guys have “arms” basically, TV, electricity, houses, jobs, and can speak.) While with dog tags, Maria got one that was like a poster we’ve seen at Target and mine was of Bomb Bird exploding (since I had the one I wanted I gave the Red bird one to Maggie).

Well, with all that said, I have no more to say! I’ll try to post sooner next time, maybe even with the first chapter of my story! We’ll see how things go, bye!

-Anne Bell


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