The Flock Flies

Hello Readers! School’s been a little hectic for me lately since we’ve only got a week or so left until summer vacation! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about and that’s not what you’re here to hear about! Today was the release of “The Angry Birds Movie!!!” I haven’t seen it yet and I won’t till Sunday, but I’ll be sure to do a review! (Of course it may include spoilers, so I’m just warning you now)

From seeing Chuck, Red, Mighty Eagle, Bomb Bird, Terence, Matilda, Bubbles, Hal, Stella, Willow, Dahlia, and all the others in the trailers, I cannot WAIT to see this movie! I even heard that Big Brother Bird swoops the bosomy lady bird Matilda into a romantic dance. Of course I don’t think Terence and Matilda belong together, it should be Bomb and Matilda (what would their “shipping” name be? You’ve got Percabeth [Percy and Annabeth, Percy Jackson Series], Jilliam [Julia and William, Murdoch Mysteries], and Hiccstrid [Hiccup and Astrid, How to Train Your Dragon]).

With that said, I think I’m done for now. I’ll hopefully post again soon, but it’s not a guarantee!

-Anne Bell


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