A Fangirl’s Review


Alright everybody! My sisters, mom and I just got back from seeing “The Angry Birds Movie” and if you haven’t seen it…. drop whatever you are doing and GO GO GO!! You need to see this movie! It is brilliant, funny, and reminds my sisters and I of an old “Dreamworks” film! Another thing, I said I shipped Bomb and Matilda, remember that? Well the canon sunk that ship but through the ash and smoke rose another. It’s a big one, AND it’s official! Guess who I ship NOW….

It’s Terence and Matilda! The seemingly impossible IS possible! Turns out the Big Brother Bird has had a crush on the Certified Free Range Chicken for a little while! (Sorry Bomb, looks like you’re stuck playing the bridesmaid again)

Now, in this movie, you may’ve heard that Chuck steals the show. He didn’t in my opinion. Red OWNED this movie! We see that Red’s egg was in the lost and found and he PUNCHED his way out of his egg! Poor little Red was an orphan with gigantic eyebrows, and those were often rubbed in his face. Judge Peckinpah the pompous pathetic little jerk pointed out to Red that when Red moved away from the village, no one tried to stop him. An outcast his whole life. You know up until he saved all of the eggs and was welcomed back with a brand new home exactly like his old one (the only one of it’s kind), and while it took 5 years for him to build his home, it didn’t seem to take as long for the whole village to build his new one. He was welcomed into his home by a little song sung by the hatchlings, led by the troublesome trio, Jim, Jake and Jay and the song ended on a fabulous note sung by…. Terence! Turns out he has a great voice. Of course, at first I hadn’t noticed him, but Corporal Pig makes an appearance. You know those pigs, the ones playing the card game? When King Mudbeard told them to search for Red, the three pigs stuffed their cards wherever they could; one put them in his nose, one in his butt crack and the other… in his helmet. Stella, Hal, Bubbles, Willow, Dahlia and all the other feathered friends appeared too, while Gale could be seen at the “Early Bird Worms” place, Dahlia isn’t really noticed (at least I didn’t notice her) until they are rebuilding their home.

corporal pig.jpg

This movie was brilliant and is hilarious. You truly MUST see this movie! I want to see it again! I personally was rocking out to the songs like “Explode”, “I Will Survive”, and “Friends.”

Another thing, for those with “Angry Birds Action!” You have to click on the green pig in the corner and (keep watching the credits! There’s a little bit of a schwarma with the Blues!) when you see the image of the ship and the video with the lock on it and the “how?” button, click “next” and allow it to use your mic and leave it there, when the image pops up, you’ll unlock one FUNNY video!

With the way this movie was, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a sequel. I would love it if it included a certain female cardinal we all know and possibly the two cardinal eggs from “Hogs and Kisses” from “Angry Birds Seasons.” We’ll just have to wait and see!

Enjoy the movie!

-Anne Bell

(The Terence image was found at https://www.angrybirds.com/characters/)

(The Matilda image was found at http://angrybirds.wikia.com/wiki/File:ABMovie_Matilda.png)

(The Corporal pig image was found at http://angrybirds.wikia.com/wiki/Pig_City)

(Movie title found at https://www.angrybirds.com/movie/)



7 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Review

    • Me too! I love it! Now that I think about it, I think they are perfect for each other! She’s small, dainty and keeps control of her temper (most of the time) and he’s big, hulking and probably killed someone (how else do you describe the sirens and the screaming?)


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