Not an Ordinary Monday, a Monday to Remember

Hello Everyone! This weekend had been busy and very eventful. On Saturday my Grandmother, whom we all call Oma, moved into her new apartment and on Sunday I became one very proud little sister when I saw my two older sisters, Maggie and Maria, graduate from High School.

But Monday’s events may not have been as cheerful as that. I will tell you about how one of God’s beautiful creatures, may lose a life if not a limb.

The adventure began when our fellow volunteer asked us to help a cat in trouble. “What trouble?” You ask? It was caught in an illegal, rusty, old gopher trap. The kind that have the big teeth that tear into an animal’s leg. We quickly agreed to help. When we got to where the cat was we saw a beautiful black-and-white cat dragging it’s front left leg. I was purely and utterly disgusted that someone would put a trap like that out for animals. It took quite a bit of work and my mom, sister Maggie and I had to get a second trap since the first one was broken. When we got back the cat still didn’t come out. Instead it ran from us and got caught underneath some stuff. Another volunteer was called in. With collective work the cat was rescued and put into a carrier. I was horrified to see that the front left paw was nearly gone. The trap was clenched around the wrist bone. My mom drove the poor kitty to the pet emergency room while our friend drove us to our Oma’s apartment. I am currently nervously awaiting the news on the cat. If it survived the night, then they’ll have to amputate the entire front left leg. If it does well, and survives, then on Friday my family will pick it up and we will foster him. I have been researching ways on helping a cat overcome the loss of a limb. My sisters and I gave it the name of Barbosa. After the pirate from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” I continue to pray for the little cat and that he’ll do very well and overcome this. It’s reasons like this, that I love volunteering so much and working with Camp Companion.

Later we got to watch Dreamworks’ “Rise of the Guardians” and it’s actually a really good movie. But I think I’ll save my review for another time… I’ll try to post again soon!


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