Barbosa Lives!

Hello Everyone! Yes, you read correctly, he survived! He’s currently sitting in his kennel and not wanting anyone to touch him. Could you blame him? He was a feral for such long time, it’ll be hard for him to trust humans. Sadly, they did amputate the whole leg and they had to shave his fur because it was in really bad condition. He’s got the long rough road of recovery ahead of him, but my family and I will definitely help him along.

If you were wondering why it was taking me so long to post, it was because I was waiting until it was confirmed that Barbosa was coming to our house, which was yesterday, but then we had some thunderstorms so I decided to wait. I also have gotten into the series “Supernatural”, but it is rated TV-14 or something so it can be pretty scary at some parts.

-Anne Bell


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