Powerpuff Girls

So today my sisters and I finished our chores and decided to watch Netflix and I had the remote (they both knew I wouldn’t put on “Supernatural” for obvious reasons) and as the TV shows clicked by as I went through the selection my eyes rested on a TV show. It’s cover had a pink background and three girls, one in blue, one in pink, and one in green, and in big bold lettering it read “The Powerpuff Girls.”

I had never seen the original ones, I’ve seen ads for the new ones but I hadn’t seen the old one. Since Netflix didn’t have the ACTUAL first episode (and I couldn’t find the first episode of season one anyway) I decided to just start where Netflix did. My sisters and I laughed at a lot of the scenes and Maggie and I even went “Aww” when the Professor Utonium called the girls “My babies.” My sisters and I even laughed when, in that same episode, the monster was eating the children and spat them out, it later ate a old lady and I don’t remember if the monster spat her out or not (it was their faces and the unexpected twists that made us laugh).

We had to stop at one point because our dad wanted to watch something else, but I decided to read on about the new reboot and from what I hear, it left out quite a bit of what made the original series so funny and special. For one thing I hear Ms. Bellum (whom, I might add, seemed a bit like a motherly figure to the girls) isn’t even in there and neither are the Rowdyruff boys. I also hear that it deals more with personal problems like “Buttercup accidentally broke something of Bubbles’ and either a) didn’t tell her or b) made Bubbles cry and Buttercup needed to fix the problem by apologizing and fixing the thing she broke” and they would deal with said problem while the monster they fight is more like a side-adventure compared to the old series that has them solve the problem while on the battle-field or after the battle. I also hear they’re in the 2nd grade rather than in Kindergarten.

Anyhow, I’ll still watch the original one, my sister Maggie even said that my sisters and I were like the Powerpuff Girls. Maggie is the leader-like one, Maria is the tough one and I am the youngest, bubbly, somewhat naive one who loves animals (Maggie and Maria both love animals too, though). Course, the Powerpuff girls are 5-year-old triplets in Kindergarten (at least in the original series) and I am going onto 10th grade this year and am 15-years old while Maggie is 18 and Maria is 19 and both graduated from High School not long ago so, you know, there are some differences (I am also a brunette, not a blonde, though Mag says if I cut my hair or something my hair will lighten up again).

But while looking up the series, I found a game online called “Powerpuff Yourself” so I gave it a try:


(Fingers and nose not included) I thought it was fun, if you want to do it yourself, here’s the link; https://www.powerpuffyourself.com/#!/en/my-powerpuff/create

Well, have fun, and I hope I’ll be posting soon!


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