Animal Jam

Hi Everyone! Today I’m going to you about the online game “Animal Jam.”

“Animal Jam” is a fun, educational, and safe game and is filled with fun facts about animals. With plenty of fun games to play to earn gems for your animals and several fun areas to explore there’s always something fun and exciting to do. You can start by creating a free account and then creating your own little animal friend (or not so little).

When you start out you can choose between a wolf, a bunny (like I did), a tiger, a seal, a koala, a panda, a penguin, or a monkey. Then you’ll go through the process of naming the animal and then creating the account itself, don’t worry it shouldn’t take too long and, like I said, it’s completely free.

When your account is created and you’ve completed the tutorial you would probably want to explore Jamaa a little bit. When exploring you can find animals and plants and such that you can click on and the information is added to your Journey Book (this is located in the upper left corner, it’s the brown book with the gold “AJ” on it). If you find all the flora and fauna in one area (like the Kimbara Outback or Crystal Sands) then you’ll receive a super surprise (I’ve got most of them already, but I won’t tell you what they are).

Now if you don’t want to go exploring, maybe you should try earning a few gems to buy your new animal some cool stuff! (You can purchase clothing, furniture, new homes, and even pets for your animal!) If you go to the Jamaa Township and walk towards the lower left area, you’ll see a building with a sign with a game controller on it, that’s the arcade. If you go in there you can find a lot of games to earn gems in. My personal favorites are; Super Sort, Phantoms Treasure, Gem Ball, Eat ‘Em Up, Spider Zapper, and (my favorite of them all) Overflow. If you don’t want to walk all the way you could go to the upper left hand corner and near the Journey Book you’ll notice a game controller like the one on the arcade’s sign. If you click that, you’ll see a list of every game in Animal Jam (excluding special party games and games at the summer carnival that’s going on now).

Like how Webkinz had the “Deluxe Memberships”, Animal Jam has special Memberships. In order to become a member (not just have a free account like I do) you would either purchase one online and receive the code in an e-mail OR you could purchase a physical card in store (like I probably would). The full year membership’s cost $50 if you purchase it all right then and there OR you would pay $4.83 per month (which calculating; 4.83 x 12 = 57.96. So actually just purchasing it all at once would save you a few dollars. The $4.83 per month offer is only through the Animal Jam website itself, I believe) but there are a few different offers you should check out before deciding.

One last thing before I go: Did you know you can enter in codes to get special items? I have found a few myself that I’ve tested and found that they do work, here they are:

mega – 1000 gems
ajbday5 – Animal Jam 5th birthday cake
phantoms – 500 gems
llamas – 500 gems
arctic – 500 gems
birthday – 500 gems
NGKAJ17 – 500 gems

I have a few more that I plan on testing, but you can ONLY USE THESE CODES ONCE, so use them wisely! I’m only doing one at a time every so often so I don’t use them all up. I found these codes at this helpful site here:

If you want to get something cute AND get a code for a special surprise (you could get  literally anything from these codes) then you might consider purchasing an Animal Jam Blind Box! I saw a bunch of them at my local Walmart and purchased the first one I picked up:


(Yes, I drew a cheesy looking background behind it and no that isn’t a floating, smiling sea urchin that is the sun). When I opened it I found:


A Sugar glider! She came with a yellow pet bowl and a purplish blue party hat and a code for 500 gems (don’t share the codes you get with these, I’ve heard people can hack your account that way and it’s just best to be safe than sorry). I’ve named her Splenda! (note: I’m not a fan of the sugar-substitute, I just thought it was a cute name for a Sugar Glider). I plan to pick two more up next time I’m at Walmart, I’m going to not open one and save it and I’ll just purchase them over time and maybe I’ll have a blind box opening video (I most likely wouldn’t talk but just have music playing instead).

   Here’s the link to the Animal Jam site:

Have fun!


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