Hello Everybody! Do you remember that post I did about Pottermore and how I became a Griffindor? Well Pottermore came out with a new sorting hat quiz. The Ilvermorny house quiz. I live in North America, and actually close to where Ilvermorny is said to be (when does my letter get here? hmmm… must be lost in the mail…) so I was very excited when my older sister, Maggie, told me the quiz was there and she took it (I’ll let her be the one to tell you which house she calls “family”). The questions were actually fairly hard for me, the Hogwarts ones were somewhat easy but these ones had me stop a moment and think a little harder about them (although I do take a long while on quizzes such as these so I know which answer I know is what I would give). So after a few moments, I was told which house was mine:


I am a Thunderbird. I’ll tell you a little bit about my new family;

The Thunderbird house favours the adventurous souls (if I had the money I’d go on plenty of adventures, but I should probably finish school first). The house had been named by Chadwick Boot, the adoptive son to Irishwoman Isolt Sayre and muggle James Steward, the ones who started Ilvermorny. The Thunderbird can create storms as it flies through the air and is often said to represent the soul of a witch or wizard.

Now from what I infer, the Thunderbird house is the Ilvermorny equivalent of Griffindor (adventurous and brave often go hand-in-hand and also the gold and red colour scheme really adds to it). As for the other three, I am assuming that the Horned Serpent is the equivalent of Ravenclaw, the Wampus is the equivalent of Slitherin, and that the Pukwudgie house is equal to the Hufflepuff house. Although, that’s just what I think, I could be wrong and Wampus could be Hufflepuff, Thunderbird could be Slitherin, Horned Serpent could be Griffindor and Pukwudgie could be Ravenclaw, I don’t know for certain.

What’s your Ilvermorny house?


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