The Fourth of July!

Hello Everyone! Hopefully your 4th of July was as wonderful as mine was! We watched the fireworks with our aunt, uncle, other uncle, cousin, and grandmother and were all awestruck by the amazing fireworks (the grand finale was brilliant). We had a barbecue at our aunt and uncle’s house and played in the pool, and watched “Pirates! Band of Misfits!” (I didn’t really like the movie when I first saw it but after it came out on DVD and we watched it again I liked it more and more, it’s a good movie and I would recommend watching it). While in the pool my sister Maggie kindly taught me how to swim and I’m starting to be able to get it but I’m not perfect. I don’t know what the best part of yesterday was but it was definitely not the part where we got back home around 12:01 AM (and I fell asleep at 12:30 or so and woke up at around 7:15). So, again, I wish you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!


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