The Fair and the Captain

Hi Everybody! Hopefully the summer’s been going well for you and you’ve been avoiding those sunburns. Have any of you been to the fair lately? Yesterday my family met my aunt, two uncles, and cousin at the fair (I forgot which one) and we all had a blast! I went on the Sizzler a couple of times and the first time I was sharing a car with Maggie and she nearly crushed me (I am actually not kidding I really was being crushed and it was very painful, although I kinda enjoyed it, maybe next time SHE’LL sit on the outside…) after that I went on the Sizzler a few more times then went on the Ferris Wheel with Maggie and our cousin then the Swings (the swings were rather lame and they had those instead of the uber-fun Tilt-a-Whirl) and the last time we went on the Sizzler my COUSIN was the one crushing me (but because he is smaller he didn’t hurt me like Maggie did). So in all, while we were eating funnel cake and drinking lemonade (believe it or not my mother was shocked that I was actually sucking on the lemon they put in my lemonade…) we decided it was a pretty good day. I was even inspired to enter my chicken, Lucy, into our County Fair this year, but sadly I can’t since it looks like registration is closed but I have hopes of entering her next year!

But with that story said and done, I’m sure you’re all wondering about a certain kitty. Captain. Well he is doing very well, in fact; Today he let me pet his head, under his chin, and a little bit on to his shoulders. This is really amazing that he’s letting us do this because you must realize: He had spent his entire life as a feral cat with a deep distrust of humans. Since today we’re going our cousin’s birthday party and tomorrow I’m helping my mom and sister with my grandmother, I’ve planned that on Tuesday I’m going to just spend the day working with him and getting him to trust me.


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