Yesterday’s Events

Hi Everybody! For those living in Minnesota, you may be familiar with the “Agate Festival.” Well, while normally each year my family leaves the day before the festival and goes up North to Moose Lake and camps out for the next 3 days or so, we couldn’t do that. We’ve got 11 cats right now and 6 of them are fosters that we CANNOT leave home, so we made it a day trip instead. We. Spent. Six. Hours. In. The. Car. I didn’t mind so much (and since I can finally read in the car without puking like I used to I was able to entertain myself) but after a while my legs were stiff from sitting still for so long.

While at a rest stop while I was walking our dog, Thor, I looked down at a patch of clover, and I just brushed some aside when I noticed an odd one. It was a four-leaf clover. We pressed it between some paper and put it in my sister’s book so we can keep it (Maggie told me today that a four-leaf clover is considered luck, in many places, because it is said that Eve had carried a four-leaved clover out of the Garden of Eden when she and Adam were banished and some believe the four-leaf clover represents the Grace of God).

That was just one highlight, the festival itself was pretty fun too. At the rock show Maggie, Maria and I all got a bunch of grab bags and got some pretty cool stuff in them and then we went to lunch (I now think I have an allergy to fast food burgers 😛). After lunch we went to the stampede,  and while I didn’t get a lot of Agates, I did help some little kids know what to look for and I myself got one nice one, a few small ones, and some cool ordinary rocks (though, sadly, found no quarters). After the stampede we began our trek home.

We WERE going to stop for dinner but we missed the exit to the agreed upon food place and just waited till we got home. But we did go to some antique stores! I even got 3 new comics! (In case you didn’t know, I collect old Marvel comics to read, I’ve got 11 now, one in poor condition, the rest in great condition, and that’s including the new ones). Then we went by an Aldi and picked up some Asian food and that was dinner (I was actually feeling sick when we went to bed and I even slept through a pretty good Thunderstorm!).

Have any of you read any good books lately? I’ve recently finished reading (I checked it out from my library once before but didn’t get to finish reading it) a book called “The Familiars” and it’s sequel “The Familiars:Secrets of the Crown” and they’re pretty good (I am Christian and I don’t really like the whole “cloud gods” thing that they mention but I ignore it. Something small like that won’t keep me from reading a good book since I do know they don’t even exist).

Well, this morning I was feeling a bit tired and a little depressed and my dad took my sister Maggie and I fishing. I cheered up a little, though we were catching some nice fish, it wasn’t until halfway through (or past that) that I managed to haul in a big fish. Now, I’m not going to be bragging or anything, but at first we thought it was a bass, it was fighting and fighting and just not letting go. When I got him out of the water, though, we saw that he wasn’t a bass. He wasn’t even a catfish. He was a bluegill. A big bluegill. He was the biggest bluegill I had ever caught (most big bluegills I’ve seen are taxidermied and hanging on  “Cabela’s” walls). He’s not as big as the trophies you’ll see at hunting and outdoor stores, but he’s a really nice one (dad was holding my pole at the time and he set the hook but gave my pole back to me).


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