Hi you guys! If you’re like me, then you’ll probably have a hard time finding a song to sing. Why? Because if you’re like me, then you’re a contralto. What’s a contralto? “A contralto is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range is the lowest female voice type.”(definition from google) I have found that most Disney songs are generally sung by those with a higher voice range than what I can manage. There are a few songs compared to the thousands that I couldn’t possibly hope to sing in their original form. Among the songs that I recommend for contralto’s:

It’s actually easy to sing, surprisingly, because Ursula has a classic Contralto voice.

After looking it up, I found that these Disney songs are also able to be done in a contralto’s range:

(Lion King): Just can’t wait to be king (this song does hit some higher notes though)
Can you feel the love tonight (this is one of my favorites!)
Circle of life
My Lullaby (although there are higher notes and it’s raspy so be careful not to hurt your voice)
Be Prepared (note: this is done by a man, while it is a deep-voiced song it is also raspy, like “My Lullaby” and could hurt one’s voice)
Love will find a way
Hakuna Matata

(The Hunchback of Notre Dame):God Help the Outcasts

(The Princess and the Frog): Almost there (although that last note isn’t very easy for me)
Down in New Orleans (not Tiana’s version, that one hits high notes)
Dig a little deeper

(Cinderella): A dream is a wish your heart makes (Cinderella is actually the only contralto Disney princess I know, maybe Moana will be one too?)
Bibbidy Bobbity Boo
Sing Sweet Nightingale

(Pocahontas): Colours of the wind
Just around the Riverbend

(The Little Mermaid): Under the sea
Kiss the girl
Poor Unfortunate Souls

(Aladdin): A whole new world
Friend like me
Prince Ali

(Beauty and the Beast): Tale as old as time
Belle (reprise)

(Hercules): I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)

(Tangled): The Incantation song (maybe a little too high)
The glow – tangled
Mother knows best
mother knows best (reprise)
(That’s when my life begins and it’s reprise may be possible but they are both hit high notes)

(Brave): Touch the Sky

(The Nightmare before Christmas): Sally’s Song (granted it’s high, but it can be done with a head voice)

(Disney Fairies): Fly to your heart – Fairies
Gift of a friend – fairies
(Well, any song really, they all could work)

(Frozen): Let it go – Demi Lovato

(Jungle Book): Trust in Me

(Wicked): I’m not that Girl (okay it’s not really Disney)


(for whatever reason people are trying to put AURORA and SNOW WHITE songs on the list along with ARIEL, those songs are higher and not very easily sung) Now I may’ve missed some songs and some of them here maybe a little harder to sing, but in general these are songs that we can sing.

While it’s nice being able to sing these songs, I want to see a Disney Princess who truely is, an alto. No not just able to hit low notes like Elsa, but actually sound like a dying beached whale (or scuttles) when they attempt the higher notes. It’s sad because whenever I google “(insert song title here) Alto” or “(insert song title here) Contralto” all I seem to get 99% of the time is SAX (like with the saxophone?) I want the original song but in lower keys not with a different instrument! I want to write Disney a letter asking for a cool Disney Princess (or at least CHARACTER) who isn’t a sidekick OR a villain that is an alto (and Cinderella only has 3 songs).

With that said, I just recommend singing whatever you like, just putting it into your range (like what I do for “When will my life begin?” and “Part of Your World”). Have fun singing and don’t let range stop you from singing a good song! (You CAN sing “Let it go”, you just need to alter it into your own range!) So keep singing everybody! (but be sure to warm up before singing huge songs and be careful not to hurt your voice, 20 minutes to 30 minutes of singing is the maximum amount of time before you’ll begin hurting your voice. Always remember: vocal cords are delicate so overuse and abuse can ruin them easily).


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