Suicide Squad

I love comic books and I like collecting old Marvel comics (I have a few from the 80s and 90s). Now, I will tell you, I was never majorly into DC, but I did like Batman, Robin, Wonder woman, and those characters (I don’t really like Superman, he’s great and all but not my favorite) and the upcoming DC movies either don’t look too bad (note: I said “upcoming”, “Batman vs. Superman” was terrible from what I’ve heard and it looked terrible in the trailers), I would love to see “Wonder woman” and the one with Aquaman since they look good (unless one of them gets an R rating which I don’t think they will) but there is a movie coming out very soon that I am very interested in seeing. “The Suicide Squad.” My favorite character is Harleen Quinzel or as I should say, Harley Quinn. From what I infer from the trailers she has a pretty tragic backstory.

Here are all the trailers:

My family and I are hoping to see it next week when it comes out. After the movie I’ll post a review, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be as good as it sounds and looks!


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