More Adventures

Hi Everyone! Since “Suicide Squad” received many poor reviews my family and I decided to skip and wait for it to come out before seeing it, so yesterday we went ahead and had a girls day out at the Apache Mall and even stood in line for the opening of “H&M”! Mag and I each got a cute dress and Mag got a nice set of earrings. Mom got a couple of cute shirts and Maria got a nice T-shirt. Later we ate at the food court while waiting out one heck of a storm, the wind was blowing so hard it was causing WAVES in the rain filled parking lot.

But today my mom and I decided to help “Camp Companion” and spent most of the day with them. We even got to hold two 3-day-old kittens and mom helped feed them (I was folding blankets and color organizing them) and then we walked a 5-month-old Newfoundland mix puppy and I made a new friend in the form of a small mix bred puppy who just wanted to lick my hand and get petted with my other one. While it wasn’t how I planned the day to go, I think it went along really well (if not better).

With that said, I wanted to ask you for some help. I want to do more review posts and if you had any song artists (or just songs), movies, books or things of that nature you think I should try, tell me about them! Though I’m just letting you know I don’t like gory details (examples: “Survivors” by Erin Hunter or “The Hunger Games”) or rambling story-lines that get boring (examples: “Lord of the Flies”, “Our Town”, or “Seekers” by Erin Hunter).


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