A new Pottermore Quiz and another result

Hello Everybody! Something new has come to Pottermore! Already you can find your Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny house, and your wand but now you can find something else; Your Patronus! That’s right! My mom and sisters took it before I did and these are their results: My mom got a calico cat, Maggie got a ginger cat, and Maria got a powerful Lynx! You know what I got? You’d almost expect the pattern to keep going; another cat, right? Wrong. Do you know what I got?


I got a grey squirrel!

I found a link here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3671161/Patronuses-and-Meanings/1

That states that:

Squirrel people tend to be organized, thrifty, prepared for anything, and slightly obsessive. Squirrel medicine teaches the benefit of good planning, looking towards the future, and conservation. The squirrel is a symbol of delayed gratification, resourcefulness, agility, and foresight.

Well, as much fun as this was, I’m afraid it’s time for me to go. Until next time!

-Anne Bell


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