School and Busy Days

Hi Everyone! I’m really, really, sorry I haven’t been making that many posts lately! I’m busy working on school right now and doing various things and they’ve been dragging me from blogging. I’m really thankful that you, my followers, have been staying with me and I’ll try to make better posts soon. Perhaps after school’s out, perhaps before. I wish I could be more definitive. I really want to start to learn to animate so I can do little animations like Jaiden animations ( but I don’t know how that’ll turn out (I’m going to buy Maria’s old electronic sketchpad thingy [graphics tablet, sorry it left me for a moment] off of her and I’ll start practicing and see how it goes), and I also want to start drawing more and do posts on movies and stuff and possibly get involved with my community theatre!

It’s April and so I believe that the one year anniversary of “Spontaneous Deliberations of an Ordinary Girl” is coming up. I just checked and it looks like tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary! I’ll make a note to make a special post then (if I can get around to it and I hope to).

Thank you for your patience friends! I’ll try to be a bit more active on here!



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