Things are a little Hectic right now….

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve spoken to you guys, but as the title says; things are  a little hectic right now. Last week my aunt came over from California to visit us here in MN to talk to Oma (my grandmother). Her visit ended a few days ago, but we’ve still got stuff going on. Oma is sick, and I don’t want to rack up sympathy points or anything, but I want you guys to know so if you see that I don’t post anything in a while, now you know why. I’m trying to help my mom around the house, help her with Oma, and get over a cold that doesn’t want to leave.

I’m going to TRY to get my videos done, but so far I cannot fathom when or if they’ll be made and uploaded. I have a graphics tablet but I haven’t used it all week. I stopped making the blind bag opening videos after making a way shorter second one and neither that one nor the first have been edited or uploaded.

I feel like I’m letting you guys down and disappointing you by not doing the stuff I promised: making animations, making blind bag opening videos, making new stories and art for you to see…. I don’t even think we’re gonna get much of a vacation this summer! We’re going to miss the Annual Agate Festival in Moose Lake, MN, but we might travel somewhere to see the solar eclipse, but that’s just an idea floating around, it all depends on how things go.

I’m really hoping that things go better for you guys this week, and if you need a new game to play, there’s always Villagers and Heroes. It’s a really good game, and it’s heavily monitored (since it’s an online game where you can meet up with other people). My character’s name is Viranda (no clue where that name came from, it just popped into my head), she’s a level 15 priest. My Aunt introduced Maggie, Mom, and I to it and we love it!

I’m going to try to get some of those animations done, and I sincerely apologize if I can’t. This year has gone very differently from what I hoped it would be like, though sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, it happens and life goes on.

I’m also going to post memorial pages for Red the cat, Ruby the cat, and Daisy the Dog, since they passed away this year and I want you guys to hear their stories since they’re pretty neat.

Again, I’m not writing this to rack up sympathy points, I’m writing it so you guys know why I can’t be posting as often as I want to (that and lack of ideas for content). I want to try writing and drawing some webcomic ideas, make animations, the stuff I’ve been yearning to do. For now, I’ll just try and see what happens. Talk to you later, guys!

-Anne Bell


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