The New Doctor Who

The announcement just came to us a few moments ago! In the ever popular TV show “Doctor Who” the titular character, the Doctor, is replaced every so often so the character “regenerates”. Since the beginning of the show, We’ve had William Hartnel, David Tennet, Christopher Eccleston, and the current Peter Capaldi (I’m 100% certain I misspelled at least one of those names) portray this Iconic character. Today we learned that the Doctor’s new face is also the first of its kind….

#DoctorWho #Doctor13 #StillNotAGinger

Today we see the very first female Doctor. I was wondering when that would happen. Jodie Whittaker is intense looking, but I think she would look better with darker hair and maybe longer hair too (could be a biased feeling since I have longer darker hair).

I really don’t know how to feel about this… I’ll keep my mind open and wait for the show to air and see what she does with the role and where she takes it.

-E.A. Bell


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