Long time no chat

Hi everyone!.. um how are you guys?

Look, I am really sorry I haven’t been posting at all. I wish I could make posts about upcoming movies I want to see and have seen, but everything lately is hectic. I’m going to admit that I have been having major and a bit severe anxiety issues (I’ve read lots of helpful articles on it, I should share them…). I’m fine though.

I have a lot of projects I want to and need to work on. Some for school some for not. Right now I’ve got lots to do since I got sick, but I haven’t had a chance to get them done.

I’m really wishing I could’ve made more blog posts this year, but this year just didn’t go as expected, I think I’ve said that before in another post…. oy…. ug well anyway, I do want to start working on a little web-comic or maybe keep writing this story I began telling while playing Villagers and Heroes.

I’m rambling.

I ramble a lot.

I’m a ramblin’ man….. girl… whatever.

So, an update I guess? I joined Nanowrimo with a novel called “Zodiac”. I think I went by a different name as the author. I turned 17 on the 22nd. We got new foster cats. My sister Maria and I went and saw the My Little Pony movie on the 21st. I got my DA (Deviant-Art) account set up (Music-Pixie, – is important, and no there is nothing on my page yet sadly [new thing on to do list]), a few pets died this year but a few came into our lives, I had a pet fish for about 10 hours or something (RIP Tip, the best minnow fish I ever have).

I keep getting this feeling of deja vu but widespread like every single little thing is familiar and has already happened without the specific deja vu feeling.


Okay, so I want to ask you guys one thing. What do you want to see on my blog?

Do you want me to share photos that I’ve gotten? Share stories (made up or not), try drawing pictures (I’m working on several still ๐Ÿ˜›), try writing a mini comic? I can share movie and show theories and head cannons, ideas for stories, various other things. Maybe do an FAQ?

I want to hear from you guys more. You guys are the reason why I still have this blog running and didn’t shut it down ages ago. Why I came back after all this time to write again. I want to interact with you guys more. Get you guys to make a comment on the post, share the post with your friends, follow me to hear more and help me reach more people. I really don’t know much about doing that.

I hear stories of 17 year-old doing amazing things, winning gold medals, publishing books… I know it isn’t too common of a thing, but it kinda feels like it and it feels like I should be doing more.

Maybe I could try this idea I just had. Volunteering Vlogs. Telling about Camp Companion! …. Of course I would need a phone and mine died. I am the Milo Murphy of cell phones (had one, it died, got another, we lost it somewhere downstairs ๐Ÿ˜›). Really I have no clue if that will go through or not.

So just as a bit of a recap: I’m weird. Yup that’s it have a nice day everybody!……




…. I’m kidding

I just don’t want to keep you guys here reading walls of text (sorry, I know it’s bad ๐Ÿ˜›). I won’t be posting often, there’s lots of stuff going on and yet… I’ll try.

So, if you guys have ideas for content I can do, just keep in mind to keep it family friendly and if you like it, to share this place with your friends.

Alright, for real this time, have a nice day everybody, thank you for withstanding my long boring post and an extra thanks to those who wish to leave an idea of some kind of family friendly content. (and no, autumn photography is hard to get right now. Winter has come early to my part of Minnesota. ๐Ÿ˜›)



Some fun and some disappointment

Hiya guys! Did you catch the solar eclipse yesterday? If so, then you’re luckier than I. Sadly the ENTIRE Midwest (especially Minnesota, where I live) was under a cloud cover so we didn’t get to see much. For a few moments, however, we did get to see a partial eclipse (it looked like a crescent sun! It was really cool!).

The rest of the day went somewhat well, we went to the Mall of America. My sisters bought some stuff, but I didn’t really see anything that I wanted that I could afford (note to self: bring more than $15 to Mall of America…). One store that I knew I could get some neat stuff at was the Peeps & Company store near Nickelodeon Universe. I was actually kinda excited to go since it was my favorite Mall of America store, since the other major candy store was IT’SUGAR (which contains candies that are NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN TO SEE, seriously, they have candies that are REALLY … questionable by my book…). So while my mom and Maggie were in a body scrub shop place, we went around the corner to the Peeps store…. only to find some weird generic like place instead. Turns out: It got replaced…. the candy there was… okay. I could buy the same ANYWHERE.

I still feel really disappointed because the only way to get any Peeps stuff now is if a new one pops up (I feel that is VERY unlikely), if I order it online, or if I go to Pennsylvania or Maryland to go to the stores THERE and that is not a very good option. I wrote to the MOA Facebook page asking if there was a chance that it would return and I’m waiting for a response (I asked not long ago).

Well anyway, things got a bit brighter, we ate at the food court, I got Panda Express, and we went to the Alpaca store and I felt the SOFTEST TOY ALPACA I HAVE EVER FELT. It was glorious. It was wonderful. It was $29 dollars. I couldn’t afford to buy it but I decided to try to save up a bunch for the next trip (plus I could get a Pikachu Build-a-bear!). (side note: the creators of Pokemon should come out with a really cute kids game called Peek-a-boo with Pikachu, I mean… that sounds adorable! No idea if it actually exists or not…).

Well I guess that’s all I have for today! I have a fund story about a bug that I want to share, but I have to do that later, I’m running low on time.

Write to you later!

-E. Anne Bell

(p.s, if you guys got some really good pics of the eclipse, share them! I would love to see them!)

Mother Nature’s Frightening Show

Today I thought would be a nice quiet day; drop off Maria at work, take some kittens to an event, and pick up a foster kitten. Well I could not have be more wrong. I’d have to say that the siren’s started at around 4:48 PM because I remember seeing the clock in our car, but I can’t say it for certain.

I should probably illuminate upon this a bit more (though the lightning did that very well): We were caught in a major downpour and tornado sirens went off. At the time we were starting to drive through the wells Fargo parking lot near 37th street Hy-vee in Rochester, Minnesota, and we were trying to find a way to get home due to having a tornado warning go through on the radio. It was about when we were turning around in the parking lot when sirens began to blare and my anxiety level went super high. As we were driving across the street when a bolt of lightning struck a telephone pole’s electrical box causing a small explosion that sounded like fireworks being blasted off nearby. My sister had her window open and I think I felt either a strong blast of wind or a small shock wave, but my sister said her ears were ringing up untill after the event was mostly over. I remember seeing the bright ember sparks fly from the box and hearing the colorful words yelled by my mom, sister, and (I must admit) myself. That is probably the only time I will EVER use that word (I will not post it here, children might be reading).

We were in town because of a Hy-vee Pet parade, but it was canceled and we didn’t get the memo due to my mom’s phone not wanting to work. After the electrical box exploded, I was feeling rather uneasy (okay actually I was already beginning to unbuckle to grab the kittens and dash inside Hy-vee). We dashed into Hy-vee, were promptly soaked, and were escorted by the staff (the awesome, wonderful, awesome, level-headed staff of Hy-vee on 37th street in Rochester Minnesota…) to the back room. Soon we were put into the coolers and while standing in our small one, we passed small kittens around to help people calm down a bit. Standing there in the backroom and cooler, I was shaking, when I was in the cooler, I didn’t feel the cold, I was just shaking. My leg was shaking and I didn’t even try controlling it. I’d have to say, I admire how calm so many of those people were. The Hy-vee staff were just standing there, and talking and sometimes even laughing!

Among the crowds, I saw people who were saying things like “well, there’s a first for everything!” and even a woman who brought her cake back there with her (Maggie thought it was funny, loved it and commented “priorities!”).

Personally, I was sacred, but I’m fine now, and my dad is picking my sister up from work (the storms have receded as far as I know) and I’m just sitting around on my laptop not doing anything other than writing this blog post. The event just seemed like an unreal blur, but I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it anytime soon. I believe there had been a tornado touchdown in Byron, but I haven’t heard of any casualties yet. I pray that everyone is okay in this storm.

The New Doctor Who

The announcement just came to us a few moments ago! In the ever popular TV show “Doctor Who” the titular character, the Doctor, is replaced every so often so the character “regenerates”. Since the beginning of the show, We’ve had William Hartnel, David Tennet, Christopher Eccleston, and the current Peter Capaldi (I’m 100% certain I misspelled at least one of those names) portray this Iconic character. Today we learned that the Doctor’s new face is also the first of its kind….

#DoctorWho #Doctor13 #StillNotAGinger

Today we see the very first female Doctor. I was wondering when that would happen. Jodie Whittaker is intense looking, but I think she would look better with darker hair and maybe longer hair too (could be a biased feeling since I have longer darker hair).

I really don’t know how to feel about this… I’ll keep my mind open and wait for the show to air and see what she does with the role and where she takes it.

-E.A. Bell


banner image found at: https://www.tumblr.com/search/9th%20doctor%20and%20rose


Working, deleting, and trying again and again

Howdy folks! I’m afraid that I won’t be posting my blind bag videos at all. They didn’t turn out very well and I am really, really bummed to say that I had my mom (who was going through the camera’s stuff on her computer) put the stuff in the recycle bin. I’m considering salvaging them and at least TRYING to make them better, maybe re-record the audio or something, but I just feel out of it right now. Out of EVERYTHING.

I’m currently only doing doodles on my graphics tablet in Paint-tool SAI (it’s free if you know where to look) and OpenToonz is SUPPOSEDLY supposed to have a flipbook option but I have yet to figure out where that is and the “help” button in the program isn’t helpful whatsoever.

I’m really trying, but at least I know that my grandfather (who had a major health scare) is okay.

If you guys have ideas of where I could look for free or super-duper uber-doober cheap animation programs with flipbook options, that would be awesome! Comment me if you have advice that you can give. I’m trying to do stuff that is out of my talent range and it’s not going well at all. I feel like I’m conceded or trying to rack up sympathy points or something, and I really hate that.

I’ll keep trying out things over here, maybe I could do some character sketches for a cute animated movie thing I’m planning out and share them. Maybe….


Things are a little Hectic right now….

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve spoken to you guys, but as the title says; things areย  a little hectic right now. Last week my aunt came over from California to visit us here in MN to talk to Oma (my grandmother). Her visit ended a few days ago, but we’ve still got stuff going on. Oma is sick, and I don’t want to rack up sympathy points or anything, but I want you guys to know so if you see that I don’t post anything in a while, now you know why. I’m trying to help my mom around the house, help her with Oma, and get over a cold that doesn’t want to leave.

I’m going to TRY to get my videos done, but so far I cannot fathom when or if they’ll be made and uploaded. I have a graphics tablet but I haven’t used it all week. I stopped making the blind bag opening videos after making a way shorter second one and neither that one nor the first have been edited or uploaded.

I feel like I’m letting you guys down and disappointing you by not doing the stuff I promised: making animations, making blind bag opening videos, making new stories and art for you to see…. I don’t even think we’re gonna get much of a vacation this summer! We’re going to miss the Annual Agate Festival in Moose Lake, MN, but we might travel somewhere to see the solar eclipse, but that’s just an idea floating around, it all depends on how things go.

I’m really hoping that things go better for you guys this week, and if you need a new game to play, there’s always Villagers and Heroes. It’s a really good game, and it’s heavily monitored (since it’s an online game where you can meet up with other people). My character’s name is Viranda (no clue where that name came from, it just popped into my head), she’s a level 15 priest. My Aunt introduced Maggie, Mom, and I to it and we love it!

I’m going to try to get some of those animations done, and I sincerely apologize if I can’t. This year has gone very differently from what I hoped it would be like, though sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, it happens and life goes on.

I’m also going to post memorial pages for Red the cat, Ruby the cat, and Daisy the Dog, since they passed away this year and I want you guys to hear their stories since they’re pretty neat.

Again, I’m not writing this to rack up sympathy points, I’m writing it so you guys know why I can’t be posting as often as I want to (that and lack of ideas for content). I want to try writing and drawing some webcomic ideas, make animations, the stuff I’ve been yearning to do. For now, I’ll just try and see what happens. Talk to you later, guys!

-Anne Bell

Getting things together

Hi Everyone!

School ended a few days ago and only now am I starting to get things organized. I made a blind bag opening video and I still need to edit it and also make my voice louder (cause it was too quiet). It’s not the best video, but it’s my first so it’s not gonna be good… Any hoo, my sister got her new graphics tablet and she’ll sell her old one to me later and she’ll help me set that up. I’m going to start doing sketches to understand how to draw with the graphics tablet and then HOPEFULLY I can make some animations. I don’t have a very good mic (the only mic I have is the one attached to my headphones….) so I may sound horrible, but I’ll try.

I feel bad that everything is going so slow and how I’m not giving very many updates, but right now things have gotten hectic around here. My grandmother is sick, we have a lot of foster cats at the moment (but one of our foster kittens is getting adopted, so, yay!) and lots of work to be done around here.

I have a couple of ideas for webcomics, I don’t know if I can get them set up or not, but I’ll try. Right now all I need to do is get the information organized.

Have a nice summer, and I hope to post again soon!


Anne Bell

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Wow…. just…wow…. a little bit ago my family and I got back from seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and now….. now I’m just….. dude… if you haven’t seen it yet… THEN GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!! This was the best movie I have seen all YEAR… maybe ever! This truly is Marvels’ BEST film to date! Or at least in the top 3! I loved this film so much, I’ve got to see it again!

I won’t give away spoilers, but I just gotta say: a character I used to like, I now hate so much now. Seriously, the plot twists, there was one that surprised me so much I felt like I was slapped, punched, and got whiplash all at once. My head is STILL spinning a bit from the amazing emotional roller coaster I was just on!

Maggie and I both want to see it again and as I was leaving the theatre, for the first time I can remember, I felt… geeky… I was geeking out, my voice rose to a high pitch squeak of excitement and I was swinging my jacket around like it was supposed to be a sword. (sounds ridiculous now, but I’m telling you, I was super duper excited and it may happen to you when you see it!)

I certainly hope that every single one of you enjoy seeing this movie just as much as I did. I also want to warn you: While I didn’t cry outright, I did get very close and you may want to have some tissues in your pocket just in case.

One more thing: Watch until the very very very end of the credits, there are a BUNCH of Schwarmas (post credit scenes) and you’ll want to see them all!

Enjoy the Movie!


P.S I’m still working on putting together animations, I still need to get a graphics tablet, I have a good list of stuff I also need, but it’ll be a bit, sorry for the delay.

Long Days, Trials and Errors, and more Obstacles, but the Guardians of the Galaxy have come to save the day

Hi Everyone! Well the weekend is over and school is back and I’m still waiting to be able to buy a graphics tablet, so for now, the animations are on hold, sadly. But tonight after school and chores, I’ll see if I can write up a good short story for you guys. I’m going to have to take a USB to rummage through my Computer upstairs’ files (and that’s a chore in itself since it keeps shutting down on me) and see what I can find in the way of stories and such. I’m sorry I have to keep neglecting this blog and I wish I had a bit more time, but I’ve got several papers due, multiple ones in separate classes, that are gonna be top priority.ย  On top of that we are now fostering 6 kittens and now have a total of 15 cats in the house, including our own 4. We’re hoping to get the ones that can be adopted their forever homes soon so we’ll have more space.

I’m really sorry, but here are some of the Trailers for the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”:


“I am so pumped up!” – Emmet, The Lego Movie (2014)

I am so excited, I even got the Milano vs. the Abelisk Lego set for the movie (and am saving up for the other two sets) and I really want to make a speed build video for it. That and I’ve collected a bunch of blind bags, blind boxes, and card decks and such so I can have a big opening video when school is finally out!

Again, I’m sorry for not posting all that much, but I’m going to try posting here more often if I can. Have a wonderful week everybody and hopefully I’ll be posting again very soon.

Auf Weidersehen! (That’s German for “Goodbye”)

-Anne Bell



I can’t think of a good title right now, sorry

All right folks, I know I planned to start to learn to do animations, but right now all plans are put on hold. Easter is on Sunday and I worked hard enough in school (please note: I’m in online school) that I managed to get today off and therefore means I’m free till Monday, yet there’s still a problem. I’m currently dealing with a cold right now and while I am better than I was, I am still sick. I’m going to try to learn more about animating but for now things are going to be going really really slowly and I’m sorry.

Have a nice week everybody, sorry to bother you with my problems, and Happy Easter!

Yours Truly,

Anne Bell