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Hi you guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a little while, school’s been a bit hectic, but never-the-less we must trudge on. To bring smiles to your faces I have some exciting news. There are only 6 more days till the American release of “The Angry Birds Movie!” So while I was on the wiki I saw that Jim, Jake, and Jay’s voice actors where announced! They are Noah Schnapp,  Owen Wilder Vaccaro, and Pierce Gagnon as Jay, Jake and Jim (in that order). And now there is a new “Meet the birds” with the pinky, perky, energetic Stella!

Also, Charli XCX released the new song “Explode” and I can’t stop listening to it! The full version of “I Will Survive” was also released, here they are!

Maria and I KNEW the rock at the end of the ship had SOMETHING to do with the hole in Red’s house!

Was it me or was that pig that Red knocked off the scaffolding Mustache pig? Is that how he got that scratch over his eye?

Okay, how did he get THAT as a ringtone? ….Cause I want it.

I love how those two are like brothers! They are so sweet! I also love how they added the part about Bubbles smiling at times when he shouldn’t.

This is one of my favorites, Red is my spirit animal. 🙂

Well, sorry if you didn’t enjoy the long list but for those who did enjoy it; You’re welcome! I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I’ll (hopefully) post real soon! Bye for now!

-Anne Bell


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